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A Sikh is always curious and anxious to learn more. Just look at the term Sikh - it translates into “someone that is constantly learning.”

Our goal is to feed this inner drive by letting the world know how the Sikh Gurus wanted us to live our lives. We’re trying to include everything from the spiritual to the societal and lifestyle/health aspects as ordained by the Gurus. The best part, we start right from the basics and slowly work our way up to the finer details!

Did you know Guru Granth Sahib Ji isn’t just the Guru (teacher) of Sikhs, but of all of humanity? It actually includes the writings of Bhagats (Saints) of different religions, and has edicts explaining how Muslims, brahmins, renunciates, etc. can all better themselves.

We know anyone - regardless of caste, creed, religion or anything else we think differentiates us - that takes the time to understand the Guru’s edicts will find countless ways to not only improve themselves, but all of society around them as well.

Come follow us through this journey and be a part of creating heaven right here on Earth!

Learning to read, write and speak Gurmukhi has been made very easy in the form of 12 videos. Learn the difference between Punjabi and Gurmukhi. You can also contact us to get started with a teacher.

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