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Projects in Progress
Steek Guru Granth Sahib Ji
As per the ardaas done by Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji, much effort is being put in by Bhagat Ji and other sevadars to complete a Steek of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj. This Steek is meant to publicize the Sampardai (traditional) meanings of Bani as passed down in the Taksal. It will also bring to light numerous novel interpretations that Bhagat Ji has penned from their own experiences and extensive research into Sikhi. A guiding inspiration for this Steek is to make it understandable by the general public. It records numerous easy-to-understand meanings that have been overlooked in current circulating Steeks. As Gurbani is not confined to any grammatical rules, it focuses on translating Gurbani through the lens of Gurbani and Sikh History itself. The Sangat will also note that Bhagat Ji’s penmanship works wonders in developing inner love and devotion to Sikhi. Abiding by our mission to make this Steek understandable and accessible by all, it will then be translated into English and included into the databases used on the app and website.
Character Pothi
With God’s grace, a new text is being composed by Bhagat Ji that focuses specifically on how one should maintain a good moral character. In today’s society, things such as promiscuity, divorces, obesity and illnesses have unfortunately become the new norm. Even people that appear to be religious on the outside are having a difficult time controlling their character in this dark age. That’s why composing this text was seen as an absolute necessity. It uses the support of Gurbani and various anecdotes from Sikh and world history to help solidify the moral characteristics the Guru has ordained for us. It is an eye-opener that really allows the reader to scrutinize their daily conduct to ensure it adheres to the Guru’s will.
Learn Shudh Gurbani App
With Guru Sahib Ji’s boundless Kirpa (blessing), extensive work is being done to upgrade the App and make it much more convenient/helpful for the sangat. Some of the underway projects are highlighted below: Incorporating a literature section where readers can access Bhagat Ji’s Pothis along with their recorded audio. Amending the databases used for Dasam Granth Sahib Ji and Bhai Gurdas Ji’s Bani to ensure the Bani is as correct as possible. Adding Mahan Kosh (in both Punjabi and English) to aid in understanding. Correcting the few Gurbani Akhars that still appear incorrectly on some phones. Allowing users to register an account which can then be used to sync their favourites, Sehaj Paath/Pothi progress and notes so that all this can be accessed outside the app. Amending the current English translations to better reflect the actual meanings of Bani. Other Changes: Allowing user to sort their favourites by topics, allowing users to record personal notes while reading a Sehaj Paath or searching shabads, adding different functionalities to the search function (including wild card searches), incorporating Nanak/Suraj Parkash and other resources into the app.
Pothi Sahib Translations
Endless hours are being put in by the sevadaars to translate all the Pothis into English. This is meant to facilitate understanding. The Punjabi verse will appear first followed by the translations in the hopes that readers can simultaneously enhance their Punjabi vocabulary. A glossary will also be available to highlight uncommon words/phrases. Transliteration of the pothis is currently being done into Hindi and Urdu. This is meant for the sangat that may not know how to read the Gurmukhi script, but are still able to understand Punjabi.
Future Projects
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