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Preparing a Healthy and Delicious Roti and Daal 
May 17, 2023

Preparing a Healthy and Delicious Roti and Daal 

Teach your kids how to prepare food and do other work in the kitchen.  Food prepared in stores and restaurants can cause cancer, congestion, and many other diseases.  A person is in pain from eating bad, old, turka foods.  You should not eat foods that have been touched by person(s) who smoke cigarettes or look at the food in a bad manner.  The flour should be made from hand or electric chakki as this way the flour keeps its flavor and nutrients. The electric chakki can be purchased at  The following are only pointers and our youtube video provides more details. 

Atta (dough) should be prepared as follows: 

Prepared fast and by doing Jaap. Only  make enough atta for your current meal. 

Made with hot water and in large quantities.  

Do not add all the water in at once when making the atta but add the water in small quantities and mix with your hands as the water is being poured.  If there is atta on your hands then pour the water in small quantities to remove it. If you put a lot of water in atta then the atta will become too thin. Keep removing the atta on your hands as the atta is being mixed.  

Atta should be soft but if it becomes hard then keep pouring small amounts of water to soften. 

This process should take you anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to prepare fresh atta (dough) 

Roti should be prepared as follows: 

Place the roti on a hot stove. The roti will stick on a cold stove. 

Before placing the roti on the stove, put your hand over the stove (not touching) to feel the heat and if there is heat coming from the stove then place roti on top. 

Do not put the stove on high heat as black marks will result on the roti. 

Roti should be thin. 

The side of the roti that is placed on the stove first should be lightly heated and after flipped over on the other side which should be heated more than the other side.  The roti should balloon. 

The plate should be wet with water 

Making one roti should take you an estimated time of anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes.  

Daal (punjabi soup) should be prepared as follows: 

Make the daal enough for one meal. 

Lentils should be filtered for rocks and other non-consumable substances. Also, the lentils should be washed with water and rubbed.  

In order to save us from cancer, our tenth SatGuru said to make the dal and vegetable dishes in an iron pot. 

Add turmeric powder, salt, hot pepper, and masalas. 

Cook the daal or vegetable dishes on slow heat. Heating the daal and vegetables on high heat will burn the vitamins in them. 

Source: The above information was obtained from the 7 Ang of the Health Pothi.