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Bhagat Jaidev Ji and Forgiveness
March 11, 2024

The Story of Bhagat Jaidayv Jee – Renouncing His Ego 

In accordance with “Braham giani sagal kee reena – The God-conscious being is the dust of all”, the renouncer of ego, the dust of all feet, the complete God-conscious being, the embodiment of ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ simran, the one engrossed in the unchantable chants, the giver of the unrecitable recitations, the great being that is without corruption, without stain and without fear, the knower of the essence of reality, the utmost highly respectable devotee - Bhagat Jaidayv Jee - had left Jagannath Puri for his pilgrimage journey. Along the way, a wise king caught the sound of Bhagat Jee singing ਕੀਰਤਨ, the Praises of the Lord, and became very pleased. So much so that he tied a bundle of gold coins to Bhagat Jee’s waist. 

At a certain point in his journey, Bhagat Jaidayv Jee stopped to rest at a lodge while immersed in meditation. Two thieves walked into the lodge and said to one another, “Today, we will die in hunger!” 

Hearing this, (Karnhaalai hai – The house of mercy; Bhagat tere daeyaal ona mihar paae – O Merciful Lord, You bless Your devotees with Your Grace) Bhagat Jee very lovingly called them and said, “Oh my brothers! Why would you die of hunger? Take a gold coin, go and get something to eat.” Being of a non-devious nature, Bhagat Jee took out one gold coin from his bundle in front of the thieves and gave it to them. 

The thieves went out, stuffed themselves and came back. In accordance with “Sappai dudh peeaaeeai andar viss nikor – Even if the venomous snake is fed on milk, it shall still be filled with poison”, the thieves cunningly ask, “Oh Great Being! Where are you headed?” 

To which Bhagat Jee replied, “Oh my brothers! I am going on a pilgrimage to do the true, auspicious ਸੇਵਾ of the divine ਮਹਾਂਪੁਰਸ਼s.” 

“We are going on the pilgrimage as well!” replied the thieves. 

“We shall go together then,” said the devotee. 

As they were walking across barren land, they stopped at a well to drink water. One of the thieves said to the other, “Let’s kill him and throw him into the well.” 

“How about we chop off his hands and then throw him into the well,” suggested the other thief. 

In accordance with “Nirdai jant tis daeya n paaee – The merciless ones show no mercy at all to the poor beings,” the thieves cut off the hands of the highly revered Bhagat Jaidayv Jee and threw him into the well. 

“Jagat pasoo aha(ng) kaal kasaaee – The world is a beast, and arrogant Death is the butcher.” By chopping off the hands of the complete saint, these butchers have done a tremendously severe and deadly sin. The water of the well had become red with Bhagat Jee’s blood. Bhagat Jee had written the holy text “Gobind geet – Songs of the Lord of the Universe”. Despite the excruciating pain and agony, (in accordance with, “Sookh dookh jan sam dristtayta – One who looks upon pleasure and pain as one and the same; Jo nar dukh mai dukh nahee maanai – That one, who in the midst of pain, does not feel pain) the saintly devotee was immersed in bliss and ecstasy, and started singing the “Gobind Geet”. Coincidentally, King Lachman Sain arrived at the well, and what did he see? He saw the Great Being standing in the well, singing the praises of the Lord with his ever so sweet voice. The water of the well was completely red with blood. The king immediately pulled out the supremely holy devotee. 

In accordance with “Jio mahaa udiaan meh maarag paavai, tio saadhu sang mil jot pragtaavai – The path is found through the great wilderness by joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and one’s light shines forth,” such grace was bestowed that the king became wonderstruck. He had never seen anyone with so much patience and serenity, that even after having his hands cut off, he did not even let out a single cry. Instead, he was imbued in the praises of the Almighty Lord. The king’s reverence to Bhagat Jee became bound. The king sat the renouncer of ego and corruption, Bhagat Jaidayv Jee, on his horse and took him to his mansion. He started to serve Bhagat Jee with lots of love and respect. 

In accordance with, “Chandan nikatt sabh chandan hueeaa – Everything near the sandalwood tree becomes fragrant like sandalwood,” by lovingly serving the devotee, the king obtained the dust of his feet, and became a complete devotee himself. Every night, he served and meditated in the lotus feet of the devotee. He did not even go to any of his wives in the mansion. He bathed the devotee with his own hands. He even went to the extent of seating the devotee on his throne, and becoming an obedient servant as the devotee ruled the kingdom. Loving devotion had spread across the whole country. Bhagat Jaidayv Jee adhered to everything he pledged. In accordance with “Je ko bachan kamaavai kamaavai santan ka so gur parsaadee tareeai – One who practices the Teachings of the Saints, by Guru’s Grace, is carried across” many blessings were showered, and a great deal of food had become accumulated. The place where the hands of the utmost highly respectable Bhagat Jee, the image of God, were cut off – that place suffered from famine due to the lack of rain. 

Bhagat Jee said, “Oh Gurmukh King! The Lord has showered us with countless, countless blessings! Your ministers and servants are very great, the people are at peace as well. Go give out free food to the poor, the Lord will be even more pleased!” 

The king then started giving out donations. Hearing this, the people dwelling in the place of famine started coming. The thieves who chopped off Bhagat Jee’s hands came as well. They said to the servants, “We came to get some food.” 

“Oh brothers! Please go present your request to the king,” said the servants. “If the king approves, then we will give you the food.” The thieves then made their way to the court of the king, and what did they see? They saw a golden canopy swaying, two servants waving fans, and the great saint Bhagat Jaidayv Jee seated on the king’s throne immersed in meditation. 

The thieves were completely taken aback. “We’re dead,” said one of them. “That is the same guy whose hands we chopped off. He will certainly not let us go in peace.” 

They took permission from the king to take food. “Bow down to Bhagat Jee,” said the king. When they bowed down, although they were like sour, poisonous snakes, the complete saintly being looked upon them with the glance of ambrosial mercy. Taisa amrit taisee bikh khaatti – As is ambrosial nectar, so is bitter poison to him; Brahamgiani kee dristt amrit barsee – Nectar rains down from the glance of the God-conscious being. 

“Give them ample respect and honor,” said Bhagat Jee. The thieves let out a sigh of relief and became more relaxed. They received kingdom-wide respect, and were given accommodation at the mansion. 

The servants there were very wise, and wondered, “Where did these ਮਲਾਮਤਾਂ come from?” 

“We have to listen to Bhagat Jee’s orders,” said the elder servants. “Let the night pass, then we will give them their food and do away with them.” 

They asked the thieves, “You consume tobacco, you speak discourteously. Why did Bhagat Jee give you so much honor and respect?” 

In accordance with, “Satgur ki reesai hor kach pich bolday sey koorhiaar koorhay jharr parrheeai – Jealousy emulating the True Guru, some others may speak of good and bad, but the false are destroyed by their falsehood; Jab bolai tab feekay – Whatever you say is tasteless and insipid,” the thieves replied, “Why wouldn’t he respect us? He is of the untouchables caste from our village. He used to be scared of us, he used to be worried that his honor would be disclosed (ਮੇਰਾ ਪਾਜ ਉਘੱੜ ਜਾਵੇ). In accordance with, “Bhagat kee ninda kand cheydaavai – Slandering the devotees, the wall of the mortal’s body is shattered,” God became so severely displeased that the ground split in half and the thieves plummeted downwards. 

The servants told the king everything that happened, and the king further told Bhagat Jee. In accordance with “Jahaa khimaa teh aap – Where there is forgiveness, there is God Himself,” Bhagat Jaidayv Jee, the epitome of forgiveness, rubbed his hand? (ਟੁੰਡ) and expressed sincere condolences. In accordance with, “Sastr teekhanh kaatt ddaareo man kaa keeno ros, Kaaj oaa ko lay savaareo til na deeno dos – The sharp tool cuts down the tree, but does not feel anger in its mind. It serves the purpose of the cutter, and does not blame him at all,” Bhagat Jee said, “Why did they have to die? Just for saying such a small thing.” 

In accordance with, “Sookay haray keeay khin maahay – The dried branches are made green again in an instant.” Bhagat Jee’s hands become green again, meaning his hands grew back. 

Blessed is Bhagat Jaidayv Jee, I will forever salute him. The renouncer of ego Bhagat Jee, always recite his name. His hands became green, by his deeds of compassion. Oh my brothers, chant ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਰਾਮ ਰਾਮ. If you ever face any hardships, if you ever encounter any obstacles, if your mind is ever racing, then chant the true, purest name of the complete devotee, Bhagat Jaidayv Jee. By chanting his name and making others chant it, the eternal True King, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, will send ਗੁਰਬਾਣੀ in your heart, mind and to each and every strand of hair; You will be blessed with ਅਜਪਾ ਜਾਪ; By sending Gurbani, ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ will abide in your ਲੂੰ. He will bless you with the spiritual mindstate of: “Sargun nirgun nirankaar sunn samaadhi aap – He possesses all qualities. He transcends all qualities; He is the Formless Lord. He Himself is in Primal celestial peace.” So by chanting the true, most pure name of Bhagat Jaidayv Jee, one will receive countless rewards.

Source: Sukhmani Sahib Ji Steek