Learn Punjabi/Gurmukhi/Gurbani

Learning to read, write and speak Gurmukhi has been made very easy in the form of 12 videos. Learn the difference between Punjabi and Gurmukhi.


Learning Gurmukhi  has been made very easy in the form of 12-video playlist below. You can learn how to write Gurmukhi and read and pronounce anything expressed in it. If you want to learn Gurmukhi from a book and its audio recording, please do so by clicking here.

Difference between Punjabi and Gurmukhi

Gurmukhi is a script while Punjabi is a language. Words from many different languages can be expressed in Gurmukhi e.g. turban (ਟਰਬਨ) beard (ਬੀਅਰਡ). Punjabi can be expressed in other alphabets e.g. dastaar, sikh. Although there are many languages used in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (as below) but all the words are expressed in the Gurmukhi script.

  • a. Panjabi - Sikh Gurus , Bhagat (Saint) Sheikh Farid and others
  • b. Sindhi - Guru Arjan
  • c. Sanskrit - Guru Nanak, Guru Arjan and others
  • d. Influence of Arabic and Persian - Bhagat Namdev
  • e. Western Panjabi/Lehndi - Guru Arjan
  • f. Gujrati and Marathi - Bhagat Namdev and Trilochan
  • g. Western Hindi - Bhagat Kabir
  • h. Eastern Hindi - Court poets
  • i. Eastern Apabhramas - Bhagat Jaidev