Chottay Sahibzaday (Younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji)

Great are the ultimate fearless warriors Baba Jorawar Singh Sahib Ji, Baba Fateh Singh Sahib Ji! Focus your attention towards the city of Sirhind as these brave children are being bricked alive. The merciless fiends are building the brick wall higher and higher. The young Princes are drumming out the battle cry even while being decapitated! Be witness to the fearlessness of these brave young warrior saints!

DMn DMn DMn gurmuiK vwihgurU prmvIr bhwdr bwbw jorwvr isMG swihb jI, DMn bwbw &qyh isMG swihb jI! ijauNidAW- ijauNidAW nUM hI, srihMd ivKy, zwlm zulmI kMD dI nINh ’c, hux KVy@ krky, au~pr kMD icx rhy hn[ vyprvwhI nwl jYkwry g`jwauNidAW dy, sIs auqwry jw rhy hn[